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Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda’s Kibale National Park

Embarking on a journey into the heart of Uganda with Ngoni Safaris promises more than just a typical adventure; it unveils the beautiful world of chimpanzee tracking. Locate in East Africa, Uganda boasts an incredible diversity of wildlife, and one of the most thrilling experiences it offers is tracking the charismatic chimpanzees in the enchanting Kibale National Park. Join us as we delve into the unique allure of chimpanzee tracking, uncovering the beauty of Kibale National Park, exploring fascinating facts about our closest relatives, and discovering the best seasons, packing tips, and precautions for an unforgettable adventure with Ngoni Safaris.

Chimpanzee Tracking

Chimpanzee tracking is a captivating experience that allows travelers to observe these intelligent primates in their natural habitat. Kibale National Park, located in western Uganda, stands out as one of the best places on Earth to witness these incredible creatures. The park is renowned for its lush greenery, diverse ecosystems, and a high concentration of chimpanzees, making it a prime destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

Our visitors with their certificates after chimpanzee tracking

Kibale National Park’s Uniqueness and Beauty

What sets Kibale National Park apart is its diverse landscape, ranging from dense tropical rainforests to expansive grasslands. The park spans approximately 795 square kilometers, providing a habitat for not only chimpanzees but also a plethora of other wildlife species, including over 370 bird species, various primates, and elusive forest elephants.

The allure of Kibale lies in its pristine forests, where sunlight filters through the thick canopy, creating a magical atmosphere. As you trek through the jungle with Ngoni Safaris, the symphony of bird calls and the rustling of leaves accompany you, heightening the sense of adventure and anticipation. You cannot afford to miss such as fulfilling experience.


Before setting out on a chimpanzee tracking expedition with Ngoni Safaris, it’s worthwhile to delve into some fascinating facts about these captivating creatures. Did you know that chimpanzees share about 98% of their DNA with humans, making them our closest living relatives? These highly social beings live in communities led by an alpha male, and their complex social structures and tool-making abilities showcase their remarkable intelligence.

Chimpanzees are also known for their expressive communication, using a variety of vocalizations, gestures, and facial expressions to convey emotions and messages within their groups. Observing these behaviors in the wild adds a profound layer to the chimpanzee tracking experience, enhancing your connection with nature.

Best Seasons for Chimpanzee Tracking?

Uganda’s climate is generally favorable for travel throughout the year, but the best time for chimpanzee tracking in Kibale National Park is during the dry seasons – from December to February and from June to September. During these periods, the trails are less muddy and slippery, ensuring a more comfortable trekking experience.

However, each season has its own unique charm. The rainy seasons (March to May and October to November) transform Kibale into a lush, vibrant landscape, offering a different perspective for those who don’t mind a bit of mud. Ngoni Safaris ensures that your experience is optimized regardless of the season, providing expert guides and well-maintained trails for an unforgettable adventure.

What to Pack for Chimpanzee Trekking!

As you prepare for your chimpanzee tracking adventure with Ngoni Safaris, packing the right essentials is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Here’s a checklist to ensure you’re well-prepared:

  1. Sturdy Hiking Boots: The terrain can be challenging, so comfortable and waterproof boots are essential.
  2. Lightweight Clothing: Dress in layers to accommodate the varying temperatures, and choose moisture-wicking fabrics to stay dry.
  3. Rain Jacket: Even during the dry season, a light rain jacket can come in handy in case of unexpected showers.
  4. Binoculars: Enhance your wildlife viewing experience by bringing a pair of binoculars to observe animals from a distance.
  5. Camera with Zoom Lens: Capture the magic of the jungle and the chimpanzees with a good-quality camera equipped with a zoom lens.
  6. Hat and Sunglasses: Protect yourself from the sun during the trek.
  7. Insect Repellent: The jungle is home to various insects, so a reliable insect repellent is a must.
  8. Snacks and Water: Stay energized with trail mix, energy bars, and a refillable water bottle.

Briefing and Precautions Before, During, and After Chimpanzee Trekking?

Safety is a top priority with Ngoni Safaris, and a thorough briefing is provided before your chimpanzee tracking adventure. Here are some essential precautions to keep in mind:

Before the Trek:

  • Listen attentively to the pre-trek briefing from the wonderful and informative park rangers, which covers safety guidelines, expectations, and ethical behavior in the presence of chimpanzees.
  • Inform your guide of any health conditions or concerns that may affect your ability to trek.

During the Trek:

  • Follow the instructions of your experienced guide and maintain a safe distance from the chimpanzees to avoid any disturbances.
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum to avoid startling the wildlife.
  • Refrain from feeding or touching the chimpanzees, as this can disrupt their natural behaviors.

After the Trek:

  • Practice responsible tourism by respecting the environment and local communities.
  • Reflect on the experience and share your newfound knowledge with fellow travelers.

Other Ugandan Destinations Offering Chimpanzee Tracking: While Kibale National Park is a premier destination for chimpanzee tracking, Uganda boasts several other locations where you can encounter these fascinating primates:

  1. Queen Elizabeth National Park: This diverse park not only features a variety of wildlife but also offers chimpanzee tracking in the Kyambura Gorge, adding another dimension to your safari experience.
  2. Semliki National Park: Nestled in the Albertine Rift, Semliki is a hidden gem that offers chimpanzee tracking in a unique setting, surrounded by hot springs and lush vegetation.
  3. Budongo forest reserve: this reserve is found in Murchison falls national park and also offers an ideal place for chimpanzee trekking in Uganda. There are over 600 chimpanzees in the forests and are easy to access in the dry seasons.

In conclusion, Ngoni Safaris opens the door to a world of wonder and discovery in Uganda, where chimpanzee tracking becomes more than an adventure—it’s a journey into the heart of nature’s brilliance. As you trek through Kibale National Park and other enchanting destinations with expert guides, immerse yourself in the beauty, diversity, and rich diversity of Uganda’s wildlife. Prepare for an adventure that transcends the ordinary and leaves you with memories to last a lifetime.

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Customer Reviews

Ngoni Safaris Uganda

Customer Reviews

Michael T 06/June/2021

Above & Beyond
Review of: 3-Day Gorillas trekking and Batwa Experience
Sedrick went above and beyond to accomodate our request for an itinerary alteration due to our compressed time in Uganda. He also compeltely took care of scheduling our covid 19 testing and drove us to the site on arrival.

Our driver/guide Ben was also outstanding!

**We highly recommend using a porter during gorilla trekking as their are some complex parts to the trail/terrain. This also benefits the local people by providing them work.**

David 24/June/2021

Seeing Lots of Animals and Uganda
The schedule suited my time in Uganda exactly and was a great opportunity to view some of the top wildlife and natural wonders of the country. Lodgings range from mid-range to near upscale and are in beautiful locations. Food is good and ample. My driver, Stanley, was expert at spotting wildlife and, very importantly on the Ugandan roads, a careful and skilled driver. You see various parts of the country on this tour, and due to distances, be aware you'll spend quite a few hours on the road. One thing they might add is an itinerary going into more detail ahead of time on each day's activity and suggested things to bring. I was concerned about the needed COVID test for return home, but they took care of arranging that, and it turned out successfully. Overall the tour was a real highlight and is highly recommended.

Justo Nov 18, 2019

I went on an 11 day safari visiting Kampala, Jinja, Lake Mburo NP, Bwindi NP, Queen Elizabeth NP and Kibale NP. Communications with Ngoni were prompt and easy from the start. As soon as I made my booking, Sedrick contacted me through WhatsApp and guided me through the rest of the process. Leading up to the tour he made sure I was well-prepared to begin. He was always very clear and friendly. Service was exceptional. I had the pleasure of going on this safari with three members of Ngoni's staff - Sedrick, Nelson and Joel. These guys made my comfort their priority from the moment we met. Whether it was checking if I was okay with the accommodations or making sure I always had a bottle of water, I always felt like I was being well taken care of. Nelson is an excellent guide. His knowledge about the flora and fauna of Uganda was extensive, always able to answer any questions I had and was eager to teach - it's obvious that he has a great love for his country and it's environment and is eager to share this love with his clients. My experience with Ngoni and Uganda surpassed all expectations I had. Absolutely amazing, and thanks to the guys at Ngoni it feels like a new home - can't wait to come back and visit. Webale, brothers!

Stephany Aug 13, 2019
Sedrick was unique and stood out from the rest in the high quality communication he provided since the first inquiry. He called me to provide information about the itinerary and see if I had any questions even before booking the tour. We communicated through WhatsApp for any other questions that came to mind after that call. After picking me up from the airport, he and Pilot (additional tour guide) provided plenty of information about the country to give me some context and we started our long drive to the impenetrable forest. The food was delicious with many options; the accommodation was very clean with exceptional service; and the transportation from Entebbe to Bwindi park was very comfortable (although long). As a solo female traveler, both tour guides (Sedrick and Pilot) did an exceptional job at enduring I accomplished everything intended to in Uganda, and always made me feel safe. I highly recommend to book your safari with this company because the quality and professionalism will not let you down.

Shakira Dec 14, 2018

Ngoni safaris uganda is the best tour operator in Uganda. A few weeks back we traveled to Bwindi impenetrable with sedrick to explore the beauty that is Uganda. This company took care of us . with most comfortable car , Great guide .We highly recommend it to the next travelers

Winnie Dec 19, 2018
I was going on a gorilla safari with my friend and this was going to be the first ever safari for the both of us. Luckily, the communication with the office was super easy and we got answers to all of the questions we needed. The driver / guide (Sedrick) was very professional and funny and made our time very pleasant. Also, he had a proper knowledge of the local area close to the Mgahinga national park and he promptly spoke some 7 languages which we thought was super positive. The safari was surely the highlight of out East African trip!

Ritah Jan 2, 2019
My Team and I did a five day trip, including Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Murchison Falls and Kidepo. It was truly an incredible experience. Our guide, Sedrick, was knowledgeable, skilled in driving in some challenging settings and just plain fun to hang out with for five days. The lodging was perfect, especially Savannah Lodge. The tents and beds were high quality. The views were spectacular. Meals were delicious and varied. I recommend Ngoni safaris Uganda with all my heart and soul!

Pilot May 28, 2019
Our six days trip was amazing. The driver/guide had an incredible knowledge of animal and bird-life and are so interesting to talk to. His driving skills through lashing rain and massive puddles was admirable! The cooks managed to produce varied and delicious meals from the kitchen, which we ate both at accommodation or roadside when we were travelling from one place to another . At all times we felt safe and well-looked after. All in all, an incredible experience, due not only to the abundance of wildlife we were lucky enough to see, but also to the great efforts put to have our Safari a better one . The safari was full of fun. Traveling with ngoni safaris is my life time memorable experience and I highly recommend it to travellers who would love to visit uganda or EastAfrica for holidays, vacations or Adventure.. Even five stars are too small .