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Uganda car hire

10 Reasons to visit Uganda

Uganda, often hailed as the “Pearl of Africa,” is emerging as a premier safari destination, captivating the hearts of adventure seekers worldwide. Ngoni Safaris beckons you to embark on a journey like no other, unveiling the diverse wonders of Uganda. Here are 10 compelling reasons […]

Safari Cars in Uganda

When going for a safari in Uganda, the kind of safari vehicle you use contributes a lot to your overall experience. There are three main types of Uganda safari vehicles used by Uganda Safari Travel Agencies. These include 4×4 safari land cruisers, safari vans, and overland safari trucks (campervans and motorhomes).

Safari Land cruisers for Tour in Uganda

Embarking on a tour activity within the Pearl Of Africa is one of the most amazing Adventure trips one can enjoy but have you ever taken thought to look at a particular car. Most tour operators in Uganda have Safari vehicles wether for self-drive for those who have permits

Toyota Rav 4

This 4X4 SUV carries 2 – 4 Passengers with enough space for Luggage. It has AC and is perfect for travel to remote areas including national parks. Best for budget road trips.
Rates = 45 USD per day

Family Cars

We have Family Sized cars for hire in Uganda including Toyota Noah, Ipsum, Super Custom taking up to 5-7 Passengers. These cars have A/C, both manual and automatic Transmission. Rates = 50 USD Per Day

Safari Car Hire in Uganda

4×4 Safari Car Rentals in Uganda 4×4 Safari Car Rentals in Uganda are very competitive and Ngoni Safaris Uganda Travel offers the cheapest Car hire & rental services in Uganda and Rwanda and our fleet range from: sedan cars, safari vans (7, 9, and 14 […]

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