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lodges in murchison falls national park

Fort Murchison lodge Uganda

Located on the Eastern banks of the serene Albert Nile, Fort Murchison Lodge evokes the spirit of a well-maintained outpost reminiscent of a bygone era when Arab traders traversed the African hinterlands and legendary explorers sought the source of the Nile. Inspired by this historical […]


Uganda, often referred to as the “Pearl of Africa,” boasts a stunning array of national parks that showcase the country’s incredible natural beauty and biodiversity. From the lush rainforests of Bwindi to the majestic Murchison Falls, the vibrant Kibale Forest, the remote Kidepo Valley, the […]


Family trips offer a wonderful opportunity to bond, create lifelong memories, and explore exciting new places together. They are integral to improving family relationships and fostering a sense of unity .If you want to experience the best out of your family trip travel with Ngoni […]

Budongo Eco Lodge

Budongo Eco Lodge Budongo eco lodge, is a lodge situated at Budongo forest bordering Murchison falls national park in North Western Uganda, the lodge is positioned in an area to provide you with breath taking views of the canopy of Budongo forest. Budongo forest is […]

Boomu Womens Group Bandas

Boomu Womens Group Bandas Boomu women’s group bandas is an accommodationunit located at the edge of Murchison falls national park, the word Boomu is derived from a local word to mean “together”. The group was formed by local women who were subsistence farmers with an […]

Bakers Lodge

Bakers Lodge Bakers lodge is a spacious luxury accommodation situated at the out skirts of Murchison falls national park in the north Western part of Uganda. The lodge derives its name from a British missionary sir Samuel Baker, it’s location over looks the magnificent Nile […]

Amuka Safari Lodge

Amuka Safari Lodge Amuka safari lodge is a spacious lodge tucked away in Nakasongola. If you’re looking for a rhino telling experience, Amuka safari lodge is the place to stay at while at Ziwa rhino camp and it’s also an ideal place for bird enthusiasts. […]

Geo Lodges Nile Safari Lodge

Geo Lodges Nile Safari Lodge The Nile safari lodge is an accommodation unit situated in Murchison falls national park in the north Western part of Uganda, Murchison falls national park boasts with over 450 bird species and 76 mammal species. The park has got many […]

Murchison Tree House

Murchison Tree House Murchison tree house is a superb lodge situated purged in the Savannah plains and riverine forests of Murchison falls national park in the northwestern part of Uganda. The tree house are very spacious standing on raised platforms with the panoramic views of […]

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