Captivated by Africa’s landscapes, people and wildlife, travelers have always been inspired to make a visual record of the far flung Savannah plains and dramatic hoof-and-claw encounters they witness here. Early adventurers painted what they saw; modern visitors capture the moment through the lens of a camera, often with passion and expertise to rival a professional photographer.

Photography is a fairly individual pursuit. It demands time and patience as well as an in-depth knowledge of local conditions and the subject, especially when your lens is trained on a wild creature. Keen photographers are often restrained on a general safari – they lack the freedom to stake out a waterhole for hours or wait patiently for a lion pride to catch up with a herd of buffalo like on a Uganda safari offered by Ngoni safaris Uganda. They often need a particularly experienced guide to keep them informed of the likely movement and behaviour of the wildlife they are observing. The perfect safari, from a photographer’s point of view, is one that balances patient observation of the details with a sharp eye for dramatic opportunities.

Naturally, specialist photographic safaris in Africa capitalise on the experience and knowledge of professional photo-guides – their ability to predict animal behaviour means front-row seats to all the action. The second key advantage is exploring the wilderness in vehicles and boats that have been custom-designed for photographers. Features such as swivel chairs, camera mountings and pop-up roofs give you the advantage of multiple angles and enhanced stability, in addition to making sure each photographer in the group has a good view.

Designed for enthusiasts ranging from budding beginners to semi-professionals, African photographic safaris bring together like-minded people in a convivial, focussed environment. Pre-safari workshops are available to sharpen your technical knowledge while ‘photo-friendly’ accommodation offers specific advantages, from battery recharging stations to dedicated media centres with editing facilities.

Specialist photographic safaris are suitable for single travellers, couples and groups, and are offered in most of Africa’s premier travel destination Uganda with Ngoni safaris. Depending on the safari operator, you might bring your own camera and lenses or hire gear for the duration of your safari, or be supplied with a professional-level DSLR and lens as part of your tour package.

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