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Murchison Falls National Park

Fort Murchison lodge Uganda

Located on the Eastern banks of the serene Albert Nile, Fort Murchison Lodge evokes the spirit of a well-maintained outpost reminiscent of a bygone era when Arab traders traversed the African hinterlands and legendary explorers sought the source of the Nile. Inspired by this historical […]

Why visit Murchison Falls?

Why visit Murchison Falls? Welcome, dear friend, to the enchanting world of Murchison Falls, Uganda( the world’s most powerful falls in the world), a place where nature’s grandeur meets the whimsy of traditional myths and legends. As we embark on this journey, prepare to be […]


Uganda, often referred to as the “Pearl of Africa,” boasts a stunning array of national parks that showcase the country’s incredible natural beauty and biodiversity. From the lush rainforests of Bwindi to the majestic Murchison Falls, the vibrant Kibale Forest, the remote Kidepo Valley, the […]

Uganda Tourist Visa – Single Entry

Uganda Tourist Visa – Single Entry. This visa is granted to travelers coming to Uganda for tourism, medical treatment, family visit etc. this is a single entry visa and can be granted up to 3 months. Where to apply: the visas are available online through the Immigration portal.

Safari Cars in Uganda

When going for a safari in Uganda, the kind of safari vehicle you use contributes a lot to your overall experience. There are three main types of Uganda safari vehicles used by Uganda Safari Travel Agencies. These include 4×4 safari land cruisers, safari vans, and overland safari trucks (campervans and motorhomes).

Best Lodges at Murchison Falls National Park

Best lodges at murchison falls national park include Pakuba Safari Lodge, Tilenga safari Lodge, Fort Muurchison Lodge, Twiga safari lodge, sambiya lodge, are the best mid-range option in Murchison Falls. The lodges near to the Albert Nile in the northwest provide the greatest choice of budget options.

Current Uganda Travel Restrictions

Entry to Uganda: As of 3 September 2021 new COVID-19 measures are in place at all points of entry including Entebbe International Airport. All arriving passengers are required to provide a negative COVID-19 test certificate issued no more than 72 hours before boarding the aircraft to Uganda or crossing land borders. Foreign nationals without a valid negative test certificate will be denied entry.

Osaka Naomi’s Parents Leonard Francios and Tamaki Osaka Visit Uganda

On the 1st of September 2021, we had the privilege of hosting Leonard Francios and Tamaki Osaka parents to the famous tennis star Naomi Osaka in Uganda. Upon arrival, the two were welcomed by Ngoni Safaris staff and escorted to Speke Resort Munyonyo where they spent their first night in the country.

7 Reasons Why People Should Take a Group Tour

People often wonder what the best type of vacation is for them. Here we make the case for traveling with a group. Groups can consist of 10 people that you do know or 100 that you don’t – or vice versa or both. There can be a special reason for traveling such as a family reunion in the land of your ancestors,

Rhino tracking at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Seeing rhinos in their natural environment, up close and in person is an unforgettable experience. The Rhino Sanctuary is the only place to do this in Uganda so if you’re looking to complete your ‘big five’ game checklist you’ll need to stop here.

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