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Ngoni Safaris to Support Alyai Eric’s Family.

A Tribute to Alyai Eric’s Legacy!

On the 17th of October 2023, in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, tragedy struck the heart of adventure. Alyai Eric, a 40-year-old Ugandan tour guide, met an untimely end alongside two tourists under his care during a safari. The suspects behind this devastating incident were believed to be the notorious Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militias. The pain of this unfortunate event reverberated not only through Eric’s close-knit circle of friends and family but also through the entire tourism industry and the nation itself.

Alyai Eric was more than just a tour guide; he was a visionary, a man with dreams of his family’s future. At the time of his passing, he was on the brink of acquiring a crafts shop, a venture that held the promise of sustaining his family’s livelihood. Tragically, these aspirations were abruptly shattered, leaving behind a void that could only be filled with memories of the man who brought the beauty of Uganda’s wilderness to life for countless travelers.

Ngoni Safaris MD Bwire Sedrick with Eric’s Wife Ruth at her Shop in Entebbe.

In the wake of this heart-wrenching loss, Ngoni Safaris, an organization rooted in the principles of unity and support, has chosen not to let Eric’s dreams perish with him. In collaboration with our Polish friends through the Ngoni Safaris Initiative, we are taking a step towards ensuring that Alyai Eric’s legacy lives on. Our commitment extends beyond sympathy; it manifests in action, as we stand by Eric’s wife, Ms. Ruth, during this challenging chapter of her life.

Uplifting and supporting each other is more than a mantra for Ngoni Safaris; it is a way of life. Through the Ngoni Safaris Initiative, we pledge to provide Ruth with a monthly income, a gesture aimed at not just boosting her business aspirations but also alleviating the burdens that accompany the responsibilities of a family left behind. This support is more than financial; it is a demonstration of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of communities coming together.

Eric Alyai the Guide who was recently shot at Queen Elizbeth NP.

As we take ship of this journey to uplift the life that Alyai Eric left behind, we invite others to join us. Together, we can transform tragedy into a narrative of hope, solidarity, and the enduring spirit of Ngoni Safaris. Let us remember Eric not only for the vibrant destinations he guided us through but also for the legacy of unity and support that his memory now inspires.

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