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Month: May 2019

The Pearl of Africa (Uganda)

Uganda is a highlights reel of the African landscape. With its dense, misty forests, snow-peaked mountains, glassy lakes and sprawling savannas, it is no wonder Winston Churchill dubbed this the “pearl of Africa”. Related article: History and legend in Ethiopia Having stepped out of the […]

Kidepo National Park: Lush landscapes offer ‘the best of Uganda’

Buffaloes are among the many mammals that populate the park. “The herd can reach over 1,000,” notes Phillip Akorongimoe, a guide at Kidepo Valley National Park. He adds that in the valley as a whole, that number can swell to 10,000. Uganda Wildlife Authority Kidepo […]

Donald Trump to Visit Africa (Uganda)

America’s President Donald Trump is finally said to have decided to visit Africa in 2019. Among countries selected on his travel calendar include the Pearl of Africa, Uganda. The other countries include South Africa, Ghana and and many others. Apart from all that, it’s not […]

Gorillas weren’t missed: an alternative safari in Uganda

Gorillas weren’t missed: an alternative safari in Uganda Uganda holidays Wildlife in Uganda usually means mountain gorillas but a simpler, lower-cost tour offers a wealth of other primates, tropical birds and jungle adventures By Kevin Rushby  Twin peaks … view of Mount Muhavura in the […]