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Donald Trump to Visit Africa (Uganda)

America’s President Donald Trump is finally said to have decided to visit Africa in 2019. Among countries selected on his travel calendar include the Pearl of Africa, Uganda. The other countries include South Africa, Ghana and and many others.

Apart from all that, it’s not yet clear whether Donald will make the Africa trip shortly after his visit to Chile in November or after visiting United Kingdom towards the end of the year.

In most cases, Africa is always taken as the last priority, but this time around, Uganda is trending like Fresh Kid today. Many great celebrities including Kanye West, Nick Cannon and more have been in the country before creating more visible scenery to many countries World-wide to explore with in.

However, Uganda will be the first Country in Africa to welcome Donald Trump. He’s said to have been in great special connections with President Museveni, which also contributes to our success. Keep posted for more news and updates about Trump.