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Corona Virus

Ngoni Safaris and Corona Virus Precautions.

Confirmed COVID-19 infections have resulted in the following symptoms: fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Reported illnesses have ranged from little and no symptoms to severely unwell. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention believe that once exposed, symptoms will present themselves between two to 14 days.
If you have visited an affected area or travelled in the last 14 days and are experiencing fever..

Corona Virus in Uganda and Your Travel Safety

Coronavirus has become an issue and a talk for all people all over the world to ensure safe and epidemic free Uganda safaris. Thousands of people have dies since the outbreak of the epidemic in December 2019.

COVID-19 test for Tourists in Kenya

As Of January 11, 2021, Kenya Requires Digitally Verified COVID-19 Test To Enter Or Depart Kenya As of Monday, January 11, all travelers entering or departing Kenya must present a digitally-verified negative COVID-19 test. Departing travelers: Starting on January 11, 2020, outgoing travelers must obtain […]

Corvid19 testing Laboratories in Kenya

Travelers who intend to depart Kenya must first visit an authorized laboratory (according to the government of Kenya, all PCR COVID-19 testing laboratories are now part of the TT system), obtain a PCR COVID-19 test with a negative result, and be issued a TT code that be verified by airlines and immigration authorities.

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