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Gorilla Safaris Rwanda – Gorilla Trekking Tours Uganda with Gorilla Trek Africa

Book customized day gorilla trekking tours to Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo with Gorilla Trek Africa the leading travel agent in East and Central Africa. Book exceptional gorilla safaris to Bwindi forest, Mgahinga gorilla, Virunga, and Volcanoes national park for a close encounter with the world’s renowned mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. Besides gorilla tours, we immerse you with memorable Africa holiday experience. We help you explore the natural beauty, sunny weather and stunning environment in Africa at affordable rates with unparalleled value. Venture further for chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, and mountain climbing to make your African safari a complete package.
We further offer you useful travel information about what to pack for gorilla trekking, best time to trek gorillas, age limit,when to book for gorilla permits and give answers to all faqs on gorilla safaris in Africa.   With 15 years experience in offering memorable gorilla trips, a game viewing tours with Gorilla Trek Africa guarantees you a memorable experience. wildlife safaris across Africa perfectly tailored to fit your interests to ensure you have a successful and enjoyable African safari holiday.

Gorilla Trekking Questions

Detailed answers to all gorilla trekking questions with Gorilla Trek Africa, the number one travel company in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo

• What is gorilla trekking
The experience is all about getting up close with the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. Gorilla trekking entails all day search and interaction for mountain gorillas. The encounter is reviewed as magical and the most wonderful wildlife experience in the world.

• What are the trekking rues and regulations?
At the start of each gorilla trekking day, travelers are introduced to gorilla trekking rules and regulations to ensure safety of the endangered gorillas and travelers in the jungle. The do’s and don’ts of gorilla trekking include
1. Keep a distance of seven meters away from gorillas
2. Do not trek gorillas when sick
3. Do not throw rubbish in the jungle
4. Keep within your groups
5. Speak at low tone
6. Do not touch the gorillas
7. Avoid direct eye contact with gorillas’
8. Avoid flash light cameras
• Where to go for gorilla trekking
Gorilla trekking is done in Uganda’s Bwindi forest and the Virunga conservation area shared by Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Virunga national parks in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo respectively. You can choose to trek gorillas in any of the three destinations or do a combined gorilla safari to all gorilla parks for accurate comparisons and exceptional experience.

• Cost of gorilla permits in Rwanda
A single gorilla permit in Rwanda costs $1500 paid by all travelers regardless of one’s nationality. Rwanda gorilla permits are bought from Rwanda Tourism Board or through Gorilla Trek Africa Limited.

• Cost of gorilla permits in Uganda

The cost of Uganda gorilla permits varies depending on one’s nationality. A single gorilla permit to Bwindi/Mgahinga costs $600 for foreign non-residents, $500 for foreign residents and 250,000shs for east African residents. All permits are bought direct from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) or through Gorilla Trek Africa.

• Cost of Gorilla permits in Congo
Congo gorilla permits cost $450 each to visit gorillas in the Virunga national park and eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega national park. Gorilla Trek Africa helps you secure and reserve Congo gorilla permits at a relatively low cost. Due to high demand for gorilla permits, travelers planning gorilla trips are reminded to book for gorilla permits as early as 6 months before the trekking date. Also, you are required to pay 30% booking fee to secure the permit and avoid any disappointments.

• Is gorilla trekking safe?
YES, gorilla tracking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo is safe and done all year round. Respective governments have deployed tourism police
in all gorilla parks to ensure safety of endangered mountain gorillas and travelers in Bwindi, Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Virunga national parks. Also, mountain gorillas have been habituated hence pose no harm to travelers.

• What if I fail to see mountain gorillas?
The possibility of seeing mountain gorillas is 99.9 if not 100%. Early in the morning, park rangers and trackers hike into the jungle before clients to trace the where about of gorilla families. They then give directions to travelers on where gorillas are located. In case you fail to see gorillas after a full day of trekking, you are given a second chance to trek gorillas in the next day.

• What to wear for gorilla trekking
Endeavor to dress right for the jungle. The recommended attire for gorilla trekking include among others: Ensure to include the gorilla trekking packing list.
1. Hiking boots for easy hiking
2. Gardening gloves
3. Rain jackets for the unpredicted forest weather 4. Sun glasses
5. Hat
6. Long sleeved shirts/ blouses
7. Long pants among others.
Dressing right for the jungle is one the key essentials for a successful gorilla encounters.

• Should I carry packed lunch?
Yes, travelers are given packed lunch while going for gorilla trekking. This entails energy giving snacks, fruits and drinking water to keep you strong during hiking.

• Uganda Or Rwanda? Which one is best for gorilla trekking
How best is gorilla trekking experience in Uganda or Rwanda depends on the client. Each gorilla destination is unique in its own kind offering exceptional gorilla encounters. Travelers are therefore advised to trek gorillas in both Uganda and Rwanda to have better comparisons.

• How many gorillas are living?

According to the 2018 gorilla census, there are 1004 mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest and Virunga conservation area. These gorillas have been habituated into 36 gorilla families altogether. 17 gorilla groups live in Bwindi forest, 10 gorilla families in Volcanoes, 8 in Virunga and 1 in Mgahinga gorilla national park. Also, two gorilla groups of Kutu and Bikingyi are still undergoing habituation experience in Rushaga sector of Bwindi forest national park.


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Customer Reviews

Ngoni Safaris Uganda

Customer Reviews

Michael T 06/June/2021

Above & Beyond
Review of: 3-Day Gorillas trekking and Batwa Experience
Sedrick went above and beyond to accomodate our request for an itinerary alteration due to our compressed time in Uganda. He also compeltely took care of scheduling our covid 19 testing and drove us to the site on arrival.

Our driver/guide Ben was also outstanding!

**We highly recommend using a porter during gorilla trekking as their are some complex parts to the trail/terrain. This also benefits the local people by providing them work.**

David 24/June/2021

Seeing Lots of Animals and Uganda
The schedule suited my time in Uganda exactly and was a great opportunity to view some of the top wildlife and natural wonders of the country. Lodgings range from mid-range to near upscale and are in beautiful locations. Food is good and ample. My driver, Stanley, was expert at spotting wildlife and, very importantly on the Ugandan roads, a careful and skilled driver. You see various parts of the country on this tour, and due to distances, be aware you'll spend quite a few hours on the road. One thing they might add is an itinerary going into more detail ahead of time on each day's activity and suggested things to bring. I was concerned about the needed COVID test for return home, but they took care of arranging that, and it turned out successfully. Overall the tour was a real highlight and is highly recommended.

Justo Nov 18, 2019

I went on an 11 day safari visiting Kampala, Jinja, Lake Mburo NP, Bwindi NP, Queen Elizabeth NP and Kibale NP. Communications with Ngoni were prompt and easy from the start. As soon as I made my booking, Sedrick contacted me through WhatsApp and guided me through the rest of the process. Leading up to the tour he made sure I was well-prepared to begin. He was always very clear and friendly. Service was exceptional. I had the pleasure of going on this safari with three members of Ngoni's staff - Sedrick, Nelson and Joel. These guys made my comfort their priority from the moment we met. Whether it was checking if I was okay with the accommodations or making sure I always had a bottle of water, I always felt like I was being well taken care of. Nelson is an excellent guide. His knowledge about the flora and fauna of Uganda was extensive, always able to answer any questions I had and was eager to teach - it's obvious that he has a great love for his country and it's environment and is eager to share this love with his clients. My experience with Ngoni and Uganda surpassed all expectations I had. Absolutely amazing, and thanks to the guys at Ngoni it feels like a new home - can't wait to come back and visit. Webale, brothers!

Stephany Aug 13, 2019
Sedrick was unique and stood out from the rest in the high quality communication he provided since the first inquiry. He called me to provide information about the itinerary and see if I had any questions even before booking the tour. We communicated through WhatsApp for any other questions that came to mind after that call. After picking me up from the airport, he and Pilot (additional tour guide) provided plenty of information about the country to give me some context and we started our long drive to the impenetrable forest. The food was delicious with many options; the accommodation was very clean with exceptional service; and the transportation from Entebbe to Bwindi park was very comfortable (although long). As a solo female traveler, both tour guides (Sedrick and Pilot) did an exceptional job at enduring I accomplished everything intended to in Uganda, and always made me feel safe. I highly recommend to book your safari with this company because the quality and professionalism will not let you down.

Shakira Dec 14, 2018

Ngoni safaris uganda is the best tour operator in Uganda. A few weeks back we traveled to Bwindi impenetrable with sedrick to explore the beauty that is Uganda. This company took care of us . with most comfortable car , Great guide .We highly recommend it to the next travelers

Winnie Dec 19, 2018
I was going on a gorilla safari with my friend and this was going to be the first ever safari for the both of us. Luckily, the communication with the office was super easy and we got answers to all of the questions we needed. The driver / guide (Sedrick) was very professional and funny and made our time very pleasant. Also, he had a proper knowledge of the local area close to the Mgahinga national park and he promptly spoke some 7 languages which we thought was super positive. The safari was surely the highlight of out East African trip!

Ritah Jan 2, 2019
My Team and I did a five day trip, including Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Murchison Falls and Kidepo. It was truly an incredible experience. Our guide, Sedrick, was knowledgeable, skilled in driving in some challenging settings and just plain fun to hang out with for five days. The lodging was perfect, especially Savannah Lodge. The tents and beds were high quality. The views were spectacular. Meals were delicious and varied. I recommend Ngoni safaris Uganda with all my heart and soul!

Pilot May 28, 2019
Our six days trip was amazing. The driver/guide had an incredible knowledge of animal and bird-life and are so interesting to talk to. His driving skills through lashing rain and massive puddles was admirable! The cooks managed to produce varied and delicious meals from the kitchen, which we ate both at accommodation or roadside when we were travelling from one place to another . At all times we felt safe and well-looked after. All in all, an incredible experience, due not only to the abundance of wildlife we were lucky enough to see, but also to the great efforts put to have our Safari a better one . The safari was full of fun. Traveling with ngoni safaris is my life time memorable experience and I highly recommend it to travellers who would love to visit uganda or EastAfrica for holidays, vacations or Adventure.. Even five stars are too small .