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Uganda Safari best activities to do after Corvid19.

Uganda is a land locked country found in East Africa, it was ranked number 1 destination in the world in 2012 by lonely planet, and this is because of its wildlife, landscape, culture among other things. There are 10 National parks in Uganda and other game reserves where to find various animals and plant species and below are some of the best National parks and other places one can visit while in Uganda.

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32 Top Things To Do While On Safari In Uganda

According to travel experts, Uganda is considered among the top destinations on every tourist’s budget bucket list. This amazing country also known as the pearl of Africa has from time to time received outstanding reviews from renowned organizations and websites such as lonely planet, CNN and the BBC; so it’s no wonder this country is much loved among holidaymakers.

The extensive list of attractions and things to do in Uganda accommodates both first Time travelers and devoted travelers. its offers various fascinating activities to engage in ranging from meeting man’s closest living relative – the mountain gorillas in Bwindi National Park, visiting the source of the Nile – the longest river in the world, whitewater rafting with class 5 rapids and ascending the snow capped mountain peak of mountain Rwenzori. in addition to the country’s fascinating wildlife encounters that include views of Africa’s big five animals Uganda has a great diversity of ethnic groups found within the country which can be explored during the culture tours winch will give travelers opportunities to engage,  meet, interact and even have hands- on experiences with the local people of Uganda.  Below we have brought you like top 32 things to do while on Safari in Uganda

  1. Trek The Mountain Gorillas Of Bwindi National Park Or Mgahinga National Park

Every year Uganda receives thousands and thousands of tourists who visit to see the mountain gorillas. These amazing creatures are considered to be an endangered species with approximately 900 of them remaining in the whole world. These can only be seen in three countries across the universe with Uganda holding the largest population of them all. During your visit you will be allowed sometime to take pictures as you observe these amazing creatures which share about 98% of their DNA with man. this is considered one of those once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters

  1. Track Chimpanzees

Uganda has a population of over 5,000 chimpanzees living within its verdant forests. Today chimpanzee tracking is among the most popular tourist activities in this country. During the tour visitors get an opportunity to meet the chimps which can be seen in different natural sanctuaries across the country, but looking at just Queen Elizabeth National Park there are about 1500 chimpanzees living there. On this adventure you will be able to see how closely related humans and chimpanzees are. As you observe their behavior, vocal communication, how they socially associate with each other and the amazing way the mothers are able to take care of their young ones. Chimpanzee tracking can be done in Kibale national park, Kyambura gorge found in Queen Elizabeth National park, and Budongo forest found in Murchison Falls national park,

  1. Climb Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon is located on Uganda’s border with Kenya and being an extinct volcano is estimated to have last erupted 24 million years ago. it offers a uniquely challenging mountaineering experience and at the top of its caldera which is considered to be one of the largest in the world is a nice camping site.

  1. Visit The Uganda Martyrs Shrine At Namugongo

In 1886 on the 3rd of June, kabaka Mwanga the then ruling king of Buganda kingdom killed forty five young men by burning them in dry reeds for failing to renounce the Christian faith. these martyrs belonged to the Roman Catholic as well as the Anglican faith. Annually this shrine at Namugongo receives millions of pilgrimages coming from different parts of the world. in addition this site has been visited by three popes of the Catholic faith including Pope John Paul II in 1993, Pope Paul VI in 1969 and Pope Francis who recently visited the site in 2015.

  1. Track Down The Tree-Climbing Lions Living In Ishasha Area

Within the well-known Queen Elizabeth National Park is an area known as that Ishasha sector where you will find a population of the unique tree-climbing lions. The biggest percentage of tourists that visit the park also engage in this amazing activity. Generally lions are known for their inability to climb trees however these unique lions are commonly seen resting up in the tree branches of the giant fig trees. Interestingly, to date the reason behind this unique behavior has not yet been known however some people suspect that they do so to escape from the heat on the ground, whereas others say they do so to easily see their prey, some others insist that they do so to run away from the biting insects on the ground.

  1. Enjoy A Cultural Visit To The Batwa Community

The Batwa who are pygmy people that lived within the impenetrable forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga currently stay on the outer fringes of these National Parks. They are a people who entirely depend on this forest for survival and a visit to their villages will give you an opportunity to learn how they managed to survive for several years in these parts of the African jungle. You will be entertained by their traditional songs and dances, as well as visit some of the village elders who will narrate to you interesting stories about the history of these people

  1. Visit The Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary To Track Rhinos

A number of years ago the Rhino species was totally extinct from Uganda and the primary cause of this was severe poaching and political unrest within their sanctuaries. There was improper conservation of these land Giants however with the establishment of the Ziwa rhino sanctuary these amazing creatures were re-introduced into the country and today the White rhinos can be seen there. During your visit led by the well experience ranger guides you will head on foot and track these land Giants. The guides will also offer you detailed information about the white rhinos as well offer you the best conservation guideline

  1. Explore The Nyero Rock Paintings

These paintings are dated back to 1250 CE and are found in eastern Uganda within, Kumi district. It’s alleged that they could have been drawn by the local batwa what people who lived in this area at the time. They show quite an interesting insight of the way of life that the people who stayed in this area centuries ago lived.

  1. Visit The Rothschild’s Giraffe

This giraffe species is considered to be endangered worldwide with about 1,700 individuals remaining today. These Rothschild giraffes currently can only be seen in Uganda as well as Kenya with Uganda having the larger population of them all. They can be easily found in Kdepo National Park as well as Murchison Falls National Park.

  1. Visit The Baha’i Temple

This is the only Temple belonging to the Baha’i faith found on the African continent it was opened in 1962 in the month of February and it is found within Kampala City a visit here will give you an insight of different societal religions and traditions. The site also has very beautiful gardens worth exploring.

  1. Track The Shoebill Stork Birds

This highly elusive bad species is considered as one of the must-see birds on everybody’s destination while in Uganda. They can easily be seen within the muddy swamps where they feast on a variety of prey including small types of fish. The country offers a variety of habitants where the birds can be seen among which is the Murchison Falls National Park, the Mamba Island on Lake Victoria, Lake Mburo National Park and the ziwa rhino sanctuary.

  1. Track Golden Monkeys

This amazing adventure offers you an opportunity to see the amazing golden monkeys which have a unique golden-orange color on their coats of far. Just as a number of other wildlife species such as mountain gorillas, these golden monkeys are also considered to be endangered worldwide and can only be seen in Uganda, Congo and Rwanda. Golden monkey tracking is conducted in the Mgahinga Forest National Park during which the travelers will be given a detailed briefing about this unique species. You will visit them and observe then go about their day-to-day activities and if Lucky capture a number of photographs of these highly elusive monkeys.

  1. Visit The Kabaka’s Palace In Mengo

The Bulange which is the official residence of the king of the prominent Buganda kingdom was constructed back in 1885. On this tour you will get to learn about the historical and administrative journey of the Buganda people since the British colonial times. There are a number of sites relating to this kingdom that you will visit as well

  1. Visit The Reptile Village

although this destination is not a commonly visited place in Uganda it is found along the Kampala Entebbe highway and it was primarily established to educate visitors about the different reptile species in the country and how they can be conserved. Among the resident reptile species that you will see during your visit are different types of snakes, crocodiles, tortoises, lizards and chameleons in addition to many others. A visit to the reptile village will give you a closer encounter of the much-feared reptiles. Visiting this reptile village is usually a single day adventure that is normally included at the end or start of a safari in Uganda

  1. Enjoy A Beautiful Getaway On The Ssesse Islands

In Lake Victoria is the beautiful Ssesse islands that surrounded by white sand beaches and beautiful accommodation. The Ssesse is a good place for holidaymakers seeking a romantic getaway or on a honeymoon vacation. Besides enjoying the quite Beaches, you will also be able to meet the local people who are mainly fishermen that live on these islands.

  1. Spot Africa’s Big 5 Animals

Uganda pride in a number of different National Parks spread out across the country offering holidaymakers great opportunities to see the big five animals which include lions, Buffaloes, rhinos, cheetahs and elephants. In addition you won’t miss out on interesting species like zebras, giraffes, different antelopes and the unique tree-climbing lions. The country has ten (10) different national parks which offer holidaymakers the great diversity to choose from where to see these amazing animals. Among the most popular wildlife savanna parks is the Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Kidepo valley National Park

  1. Enjoy The Fascinating Nightlife Of Kampala

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and it offers very interesting opportunity especially for holidaymakers who love music, dancing and partying. There are a number of top notch bars, restaurants, night clubs and lounges found across the city. Kampala is generally safe, the streets are well-lit and the people are hospitable and outgoing.

  1. Go Bird Watching

There are more than 1000 different types of birds that have been recorded here in Uganda. Irrespective of which part of the country you visit you will definitely be rewarded the amazing views and sounds of birds that will wake you up in the morning singing sweetly from the high trees. Among the special species found in Uganda are the shoebill storks the blue turaco and the Ibis.

Some of the best places to view birds in this country include Semiliki National Park, Bwindi National Park, kidepo National Park –  home of several rare species, and Queen Elizabeth National Park which has more than 600 different species.

  1. Visit The Uganda Equator

Have you ever imagined yourself standing one foot in the southern hemisphere and the other in the northern hemisphere, then visit the Uganda equator? You will get an opportunity to take very memorable pictures carry out a number of interesting experiments and visit the souvenir shop where you will be able to purchase a number of interesting take home gifts for the people you left home.

  1. Enjoy A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Uganda offers hot air balloon rides its different national parks during which holidaymakers are able to enjoy views of the beautiful landscapes and see the large wildlife numbers from an aerial view. Photographers normally engage in this exciting adventure that is mainly conducted in Murchison falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National

  1. Engage In Sports Fishing

Uganda has a number of different lakes within its boundaries with approximately 90 different species of fish recorded there. it offers holidaymakers interested in fishing opportunities to make a number of remarkable catches like the Nile Perch from the big freshwater lake – the Lake Victoria

  1. Set Out Quad Biking

One of the unique ways to explore the unique terrain and have an up-close view of different wildlife is by taking a quad bike adventure. This is mainly done in Lake Mburo National park because the park has a very small number of predators that might put the lives of participants at risk.  The park has a very large number of grazers such as zebras, the Uganda kobs, elands plus several other types of antelopes and with a very minimal number of leopards and the lions.

  1. Visiting Uganda Museum

This is the oldest museum in East Africa and showcased its first exhibition back in 1905. In 1954 it was relocated to a more spacious place where it is currently located, and today it is one of the best places you can visit to get a proper insight of Uganda’s culture, pre-colonial history and even see a number of remarkable displays about this country.

  1. Game Viewing On A Cycling Tour

In Uganda it is possible to enjoy game viewing while riding a mountain bike. This kind of adventure brings you closer to Mother Nature and the different birds and animals found in the country. Today this activity is currently conducted mainly in Lake Mburo National park because the park has several grazers like different antelopes and zebras with very few predators such as lions which can put the riders at risk.

  1. Visit The Gadaffi Mosque

also known as a the Gadaffi mosque this project that was started by Iddi Amin back in the 1970s a former president of this country, and was only completed in 2006 with financial assistance from former president of Libya – Colonel Gaddafi. The mosque has a very beautiful architectural design and has a very high tower that offers a 360 degrees view of the whole of Kampala City center. There is a staircase of more than 300 steps that you will have to climb before reaching the apex viewing point

  1. Enjoy A Boat Cruise To The Bottom Of The Murchison Falls

Many people wonder why a boat ride to the bottom of Murchison falls is always talked about as a Uganda Safari Special. The reason is because of the experience the whole ride brings.

This unique water adventure takes you all the way to the bottom of the powerful Murchison falls which make a 43 meter drop to as plunge poll below on the River Nile. You will enjoy uninterrupted views of these falls. In addition, as the boat sails down the course of the Nile you will sail past large numbers of giant Nile crocodiles, several hippos and different types of water birds. This is a good place to see the rare Shoebill stock.

  1. Hike The Snow Capped Mount Rwenzori

Mount Rwenzori is Uganda’s highest mountain and offers a very challenging mountaineering experience as compared to some of the higher mountains on the continent like Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya. Unique about this beautiful mountain is that its peak is covered with snow despite Uganda’s location on the equator. The ascent on the mountain takes about nine days to make a round trip and reaching the Margherita Peak is a dream comes true for adventurers particularly interested in mountain climbing

  1. Go White Water Rafting On River Nile

The River Nile is the longest river in the world and offers a number of adrenaline filling water sports among which is White Water Rafting. The Nile offers one of the best rafting experiences in the world. Its rapids range from the Grade I to Grade V making it a perfect destination for both novices and experienced rafters. Rafting is one of the most adventurous outdoor water sport activities you can enjoy in Uganda.

  1. Visit The Source Of River Nile

The River Nile is the longest river not only on the African continent but in the world at large. get a chance to explore the source of this long river. on reaching there, you will enjoy a boat ride to the Rippon Falls where on one side is the massive Lake Victoria, and on the other River Nile begins to flow.

  1. Enjoy Bungee Jumping In Jinja

Jinja is among the tourist capitals found in Uganda especially for water sort activities.  Among the other adrenaline –rushing activities you can enjoy here is bungee jumping. This activity is ideal for an adventurous traveler hopping to go beyond their limits in the name of having fun. There are a number of fascinating sites where this activity is conducted so imagine yourself dropping off a cliff of approximately 40 meters high and plugging down towards the river Nile! Participants will be offered with world-class protective gear and proper safety measures have been perfectly put in place to guarantee the safety of the participants.

  1. Zip Lining In Mabira Forest

This verdant natural rain forest is located a couple of Kilometers from Uganda’s capital city – Kampala. This is among the activities that can be enjoyed by travelers with limited safari time while visiting Uganda. During this activity, you will move through the towering tree and see various primates and bird species. The zip-line is comprised of a network of five zip lines that cover a distance of 250 meters and comply with the global safety-standards.

  1. Explore The Sipi Falls

Within Kapvhorwa district in Eastern Uganda are the Sipi falls found on River Sipi on the lower slopes of Mount Elgon.  Enjoy a hike up to the three tier water fall and marvel at the beautiful waters as well as explore the beautiful caves below the waterfall. The site is visited by several tourists both international and local.

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