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Zawadi camp

Zawadi, or “gift” in Swahili, is a family-run safari camp with a mission to ‘gift’ our guests with a truly life enhancing experience of the Serengeti landscape and inhabitants.

The camp is centrally positioned in the Kemarishe Hills, 20km north of Seronera, Zawadi Camp is just a few minutes by 4×4 from the famed animal migration paths of the area, and only two kilometers away from the Orangi River.

Our mission is to provide our guests with ultimate relaxation, peace of mind, and an authentic wildlife experience in the Serengeti. Mindful of the area’s fragile ecosystem and focused on cultural preservation and environmental respect, Zawadi Camp is designed to leave no trace behind once removed.

We take our environmental and social responsibility seriously. As a result, we use the latest renewable energy technology, employ and train local people and donate part of our camp’s profits towards a local shelter project for homeless and orphaned children.

Our multilingual Spanish and Tanzanian management team, and our combined warmth, hospitality and culture is proudly complemented by extensive local knowledge and respect for the local environment, its wildlife and its inhabitants such as the Maasai.

As well as the perfect accommodation, through our partners we can offer different package experiences including transfer and game drives.

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