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Nile Safari Lodge

Nile Safari Lodge

Nile Safari Lodge

Nile safari lodge is an ecological sensitive accommodation facility situated on the southern bank of river Nile in Murchison falls national park. Murchison falls national park is the largest protected area that is bisected by the Nile. The Nile cuts through Murchison falls national park from the east to the west. Then it joins with Lake Albert at the point called the Albert delta.

The Nile River provides tranquillity to the atmosphere of Nile safari lodge, and the super attractive sunset on the water flaunts the beauty of a true African wilderness. The lodge is a physical representative of modernity in African architecture and, it is a kind of staged authenticity that blends with the landscape on the raised river bank of the Nile River. The facility is thatched to blend in the environment in which it is located; this supports ecological sustainability in Murchison falls national park.

Nile safari lodge has about eight (8) bandas which are highly built to meet the modern accommodation facility. The bandas at Nile safari lodge have en suite bathtubs to help you to relax after your day’s safari activities and set up fresh for a night in the very comfortable beds laid with smooth white linen, no need for bedtime story, the sleep will come definitely. With the view of the dusk falling on the ground, the ambience of Nile safari lodge propels your relaxation and hypes your African safari experience.

The luxurious bandas at Nile safari lodge are also provided with the high pressure showers to help you have a good morning shower before your safari activities for the day commence. The showers are out door and bring out the real feeling of the African wilderness; they also bring in the true beauty of the natural surroundings of your banda which promotes relaxation and rejuvenation; a genuine reason for any safari or vacation.

Nile Safari Lodge

Laini restaurant is a place to treat your appetite right during your stay at the lodge. Laini is a Swahili word meaning sweet, it suits perfectly to the meals prepared and served from laini restaurant at Nile safari lodge. The restaurant prepares meals on an a’la carte menu which is finely personalised to suite in your cravings list. Lain restaurant offers choices of beautifully and finely selected African and international cuisines carefully prepared by a very professional chef.

The lodge has a gorgeous spa full of tranquillity and view of the Nile River which matches to its Swahili name mtoni. In the spa area you have a 180 degrees panoramic view of the Nile. You aroma therapy will work magically if it is done in mtoni spa at the lodge. The infinity swimming pool is something else to add to your amazing Ugandan safari. The infinity swimming pool runs over a 24 well tiled area, it beautifully and finely makes blurry the area that separate the nature from this man made facility; possible due to the high level of intelligence the architects used to form a nearly perfect staged authenticity in the wilderness of Africa.

The ambiance of Nile safari lodge is full of tranquillity and relaxation, the only loud noise you will here is from you host the wild animals like the hippos and the lavishly walk to graze in the evening, then the crickets make the night at Nile safari lodge so epic and unforgettable; true nature of the pearl of Africa.

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